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The Consortiums comprises 7 entities of different expertise (Universities, Local Enterprise Agencies, Organisation for Women’s Employment and Resources, confederation of women's business associations, international agency for vocational training and business development) but the partnership integrates 36 entities accounting with the silent partners. Each country has representation in several areas of knowledge necessary for the success of the project - e.g. one partner University, representatives of the target group of entrepreneurs, which are either associations or local enterprise agencies and representative from other sectors in non-formal education or business development.

  • SUCCESSFUL PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: most of the partners have previous experiences related to the field of European projects therefore the partnership is aware of its strengths for the success of the project. The work-packages are distributed among the partnership according to their expertise and competences.  The partners are divided into content and technical teams according to their expertise
  • COMBINATION/VARIETY OF INSTITUTIONS: End-users, formal training providers, non-formal adult education providers, SMEs, universities and enterprises are represented in the different institutions integrating the partnership, they provide different perspectives but share the same objective: to work together for two years in order to obtain a usable, marketable product/result that may help to  give precise and practice answers to the needs that a woman has when she wants to develop in terms of personal, technical or organisational competences to carry out a project such as running an enterprise or developing innovative ideas.
  • SKILLS AND COMPETENCES FOR THE PROJECT ACCOMPLISMENT: Content developers, technicians, and policy making professionals are joining the project with a specific task within the work-plan and the generic responsibility of working under the required quality lines



UNIZARThe Faculty of Social Sciences is the leader in the area in training NGO professionals and will contribute to the project with its expertise in the area. The University of Zaragoza joins the project with the special task of dissemination and implementation of the project results. The Diploma in Social Work was established in Spain in 1980 to deliver university social work studies and created a Diploma in Social Work. There was then the transformation of the old School of Social Work and in 1981 the Colleges of Social Work was established. In 1989 it joined the Diploma in Social Work at the University of Zaragoza. Simultaneously the college offered the Master of Applied Social Studies, self-study graduate of the University of Zaragoza.

With more than 100 teachers and 1,500 students, the Faculty is projected into the future as a centre that performs a teaching and research quality in the service of Aragon society. To complete this line of work, in 2008-09 the "PhD in Gender Relations" was launched, connected to the Master in Gender Relations. We believe that everything that contributes to train professionals should have an important role in building a more fair and egalitarian society. This Master offers three specialties: Gender and Education, Gender and Work, Gender and Cultural building.

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y del Trabajo
C/ Violante de Hungría, 23. Zaragoza (50009) España
Web: http://eues.unizar.es/index.php
Tf.: 0034976761000
Fax: 0034976761029
Mail: merche(a)unizar.es


indicoINDICO (Instituto Internacional Innovacion, Conocimiento y Competencias) is an international agency for knowledge and innovation in vocational training for persons and organisations. It is a non-profit organisation for project management, transfer of the project results, and implementation in projects for innovation in knowledge development using new technologies applications. Indico is acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment as a training provider. The orgaqnisation’s aims are managing and promoting innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improving personal skills and competences and promoting the real and the virtual mobility, organising international meetings. Also INDICO offers a variety of courses (on-line and blending) in different professional areas as University courses for entities and enterprises and Excellency cycles. The virtual classroom displays an innovative method of learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor. INDICO has currently participated in European education projects since the year 2009.  Most of the transnational experience is focussed on didactic innovation in materials and methodologies as well as in the leading edge of technical innovation.

INDICO will coordinate the general implementation of the project plan. It will secure that the processes and products are carried out in the best circumstances under the Promoter monitoring. The coordinator will set a clear exposition of the patterns and rules for communication, respect of agendas and deliverables. Debate will be promoted as a source of knowledge and ideas for the improvement of the project results.

c/ Jose Echegaray 12 local
50010 ZARAGOZA (Spain)
tel 0034 976 230022
e-mail: info(a)indico.info 


OMEGAOMEGA (Organisation of Women Entrepreneur and Active Management) was founded in 1989 as a centre unity and communication for women, a collective enterprise and professional. These groups are the focus of the organisation, which aims to boost women’s participation at enterprise level, providing answers and alternatives to their economic and social development. OMEGA is a business women confederation, cross-sectoraland non-profit formed for the coordination, representation, management, promotion and protection for the interest common to all associations, federations and general, legal entities and who voluntarily adhere to it. OMEGA is present in almost all the Spanish national space: there are various associations in all the regions with the exception of Extremadura.

OMEGA will participate as intermediary business association trade support that promotes the full development of women reference values in our society. Maintaining a social dialogue consultation, negotiation and promote the achievement of a consensus to jointly address issues of discrimination of women. OMEGA participates in the analysis of women involved in the project, studying the beginning, what methods followed, the difficulties encountered and their ratings on key competencies required. Furthermore, these models will help the new entrepreneurs to self-assess and improve their skills, identify their needs, and so on.

OMEGA's experience in the fields of action of the project is large and the very fundamental purposes of the organization are in line with the objectives of the proposed project. The Organization develops long campaigns and promotional activities of all projects, annually develops training programs, research and professional applications to promote female entrepreneurship.

Paseo San Francisco de Sales, nº 26, 2º A – 28003 Madrid
Web: www.mujeresempresarias.org
Phone: 0034 91 399 51 38
Fax: 0034 91 399 51 38
Mail: info(a)mujeresempresarias.org



LA MAISON DE L' INITIATIVE SCOPLa Maison de l’Initiative Scop is dedicated to women in the service of a Scop economic development and social equity. Originally a training ground for project owners, it has become over time a co-operative activity for entrepreneurs and supports local initiatives through skills transfer and spin.

Entrepreneurship School:

  • Training and consultancy accompanying missions for creating of an enterprise and its activities (management, financial analysis, commercial strategy, etc…)
  • Social and professional  inclusion for public with risks of exclusion
  • Advice for the promotion of economical autonomy for women (80% of our customers)
  • Help for enterprise development and local initiatives (SME’s and public organisms)


  • Cooperative structure, democracy and citizenship/gender equality
  • Consultancy for projects for Social Economy and Solidarity
  • Advice and support for deaf and dumb people
  • Big support for the leading women role in the social economy and solidarity

La Maison de L’Initiative
52 rue Jacques Babinet  31100 Toulouse France
0033 5 34 63 81 10
Project manageress: Claire BARUCH  cbaruch(a)maisoninit.coop




Supporting People, Developing Businesses & Regenerating Communities

A community enterprise agency, Cre8te is a successful social enterprise that delivers award-winning services that help to regenerate local communities. From the provision of affordable property and workspace to the delivery of tailored enterprise support services, we aim to develop thriving, inclusive communities. We help aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and skills, support business growth and develop employment skills and opportunities within local communities.



Cre8te Opportunities
Castlebrae Business Centre
40 Peffer Place
EH 16 4BB
Lesley Morrison
+44 131 202 1652




EDRAEDRA is an NGO – Social Cooperative Organisation that is focused in the emotional and practical support in the areas of welfare and social economy. It is ISO certified and registered at the National Organisations Registrar for Voluntarism. It is a very active organisation that networks with a plethora of other similar national bodies in order to promote awareness and services to minority groups (individuals, adults and children, women, elderly etc). EDRA’s Centre of Social Economy – Entrepreneurship & Employment Support Department aims at creating employment and job opportunities through promoting and organising an all inclusive entrepreneurship culture and projects. Creation of the new economic activity is in full accordance to the principles of social solidarity and expressed by the actual inclusion of the groups of people who are particularly vulnerable to employment injustices based very often on social, economic, race, sex, health statuses and thus very often EXCLUDED from equal opportunities to dignified employment. EDRA’s centres based in Athens, Volos and Patras.

Maria Kerasoglou – President
14 Dilou str, 121 34 Peristeri, Athens - Greece
Tel./Fax: +30 210-5913826
Email: mkerasoglou(a)yahoo.gr
Costas Minos – Project Manager
Volos office
6 Gallias str. 38221 Volos – Greece
Tel/Fax: +30 2421 030497
Email: costasminos(a)gmail.com



bdcenterBusiness & Development Centre - BD Centre provides services to private enterprises, self-government institutions and non-governmental institutions in social policy projects and entrepreneurship development. Main aims of BD Centre are as follows:

  • Promotion of equality of women and men
  • Acting for the elimination of sex-based discrimination in the work place
  • Promotion of new technologies among women
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship among women
  • Promotion of disabled people on the open labour market

BD Centre achieves its goals through the following activities:

  • Labour market research - assessment of changes in different labour market segments, evaluation of effectiveness of particular activities and projects, analysis and assessment of present economical situation on local labour market and evaluation of educational system and labour market requirements.
  • Training – workshops on gender and equality issues, human resources management, conflict management, diversity management.
  • Publishing – organisation of seminars and conferences dedicated to gender issues and entrepreneurship development, publishing of reports and analysis.

The work of BD Centre is based on well organized cooperation system with NGOs, training and guidance institution and local self-government. BD Centre cooperates with Polish Association of Deaf People and Polish Employers Organization of Disabled People in the following fields: promotion of disabled people on the open labour market, information and training, promotion of disabled artists, organization of seminars and participation in EU projects concerning disabled people. BD Centre has extensive experience in realisation of EU projects such as Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, etc. BD Centre has experience in topic of women entrepreneurship, participation in projects concerning this topic, research and labour market analysis on educational offer and labour market needs, participation in conferences and seminars.

Business and Development Center, Centrum Biznesu i Rozwoju
35-603 Rzeszow, ul. Wieniawskiego 56b/5, Poland
email: mmalinowska(a)bdcenter.eu
Tel/fax: +48 177835730


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